#Likepad is a ink pad that physicalise the act of liking and aims to connect the virtual and the physical world, allowing the user to like their surroundings, using their own fingerprint as part of their identity. Performing the same act of liking in the physical world.

The object is normally presented as a performance where users and invited to like the artwork.


To “Like” has become an essential act in today’s human behavior. However, its value has been lost due to its widespread usage.

Do we really like the same things in the physical world than in the digital space? Are humans creating a “curating self” on the digital platforms, that does not correspond with their physical self? Do Humans “Like” things, simply to gain recognition, reach a status or pretend to be somebody else in social networks?

Likes have become part of our digital identity and as such, are recorded, analyzed and saved as part of the collective data.


The first show was at Yami Ichi at CCCB, then went to ÚS BARCELONA, for the Ritual and Street Art event. After went to Argentina to be part of “The Analogic, Digital and Virtual reflexions (JRAD) at UBA, FADU.

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Nicole Vindel & Gastón Lisak


Carlos J Navarrro Creative consultant & Writing direction Carla Chmiel Project Lead during JRAD at UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Maria Codina Rebull film maker. Daniel Armengol Altayó Artist Rai Cruz Street Artist and Host from “Las Piñas” Manila. Marc García y Miriam Alarcon, from ÚS Barcelona and Rebobinart. Alba from WeCanCut


2017 Noche de los Museos. UBA: Universidad de Buenos Aires.
2017 Las Piñas, Manila. Phillipines.
2017 LCI Barcelona, Universidad Felicidad Duce .
2016 ÚS Barcelona, Festival de Arte urbano y rituales.

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“Such an easy way to represent the importance of the “like” era” Thanks for the great experience. We believe in the power of Random Happiness. Marc Garcia & Miriam Alarcón.

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