Happiness is a revolutionary tool. Happiness is our way. Not a goal, but a lens for living. A colourful rebel lens with art and fire. A tool for the revolution. Play as you are. Be competitive or not. Play for the team or for the glory. But play as your inner kid and let the magic happen to change your reality. Become an agent of change. Embrace randomness. Embrace the change but be the change. Re-think the present and construct better futures. If you don’t do it, who will? Assume nothing. Create your own critical mindset towards the normalization of things. Challenge the status quo, there’s too many rules behind our thoughts. Ask more questions. Create moments of wonder. We are everyday robots in control. Press restart with surprising, impractical, magical, ridiculous moments. Get in trouble. Be a non-conventional artivist. React! Consider everything an experiment. Every mistake, every goddamn fail is a way to level up. The only rule is always getting your hands dirty. Think with your hands. Empathize to get freedom Use empathy as a verb to project yourself to other points of view. Perspectives are beyond solutions. Empathy is caring for others, humans or not. Drones don’t cry (yet). Use every place as a new canvas. We’re inhabitants of multiple contexts, digital or not. And as an inhabitant, you must play, design, and decide about your contexts as extensions of yourself. Hack your environment.