“Anhedonia-E” is a device able to reproduce synthetically the experience of eating.

The first step to develop it is to break it
down and identify different approaches that compose the full enjoyment of food.
Each approach will be represented as a mask that stimulates a simple sensory impression, context or emotion letting you play into the perception of food without the need of eating.


“In a utopian world, fair and perfect, natural resources have been distributed equitably around the world. Hunger has been abolished. The state provides us, they feed the population through monodosis. Three capsules a day cover the nutritional intake of three meals. They are created specifically according to each one’s needs. Calculated by algorithms that use the data we generate during our daily interaction.

The pleasure of eating is strictly reserved for the use of a device called “Anhedonia-E”. Not everyone has it. This will provide the ability to live and feel food in an upper dimension, exceeding the science known until the moment. A device that will stimulate our nervous system and will act differently depending on the user. Recreating and remembering the degustation of food as a sensorial experience. VR is a thing from the past and the implantation of FullVR is already a fact.
“Anhedonia-E” is the only way to feel again what once was eating”. Mery Jane, 4th of December 2178


“Pleasure: the future of food” has been
selected to be exhibited on 15th February of 2018 at Design Hub Museum in Barcelona, inside the Mobile Week Barcelona arts, science, and technology exhibition.

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Nicole Vindel


Carlos J Navarro & Gastón Lisak Consulting Amanda Love In Green Studio photographer Eloi Aisa Event Photographer Anna Sitjà Model Sara Calavera, Model & Make up Ventu Portavella Model


2017 Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. Mobile Week Barcelona.

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