#PLUG is a piece that visualizes the real-time life of a hashtag through Twitter. ¿How does it impact death? The less the hashtag is used, the less life and importance for the value that this person represents in our society.


Internet and models of network collaboration have propelled our ability to act as an entity. They have given us the possibility of being one, sharing emotions, thoughts and actions. They have given us the possibility of being part of a whole, with what that entails, the possibility of defining our system and society by highlighting our values.

Unfortunately, more times than expected we depend wrongly on a physical device to feel part of this bigger thing. Currently, there are more mobile devices than human beings on planet earth. Our mobile phone is in many cases the obvious and direct link to this network but: What use do we make of it? Do we use their abilities as a tool to give life to this network or does it end up being a focus of procrastination? Do we really use our ability to decide what matters and what doesn’t?


#PLUG is one of the pieces that won the Mobile Week Barcelona 2017. An open competition in the City of Barcelona led by Mobile World Capital, to connect the citizen with the scene of art and technology. Understanding the power and the role of technology in our society. The piece was exhibited at Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

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Nicole Vindel & Gastón Lisak in collaboration with Daniel Grau


John O’connell Interaction designer Brenda Sabbagh Video & Editing Carlos J Navarrro Creative consultant & Writing direction Luis Albert MNAC Responsable Iris Rubio & Rosa Monge A-Portada Daniel Armengol, Artist SumerSault18:24 Scientific Illustrations


2017 Selected Artwork to be exhibited at Mbile Week Barcelona
2017 Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

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